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Why Buy Insulated Dog Kennels?

1. Kennel Customs kennels structure is made from EPS insulation with reinforced cementious based coatings over the top, it will block the suns intensity providing a quality, cool shaded area for your pet. Now they get more garden time, paws and thumbs up!

2. The very same technology is going to keep your pets body heat within the kennel in cooler conditions, another paws and thumbs up!

3. All Kennel Customs kennels are hand made and delivered to your door built and complete.

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  • Custom Built Kennels


hello, thanks for taking interest in my new business and Facebook page! I build one off bespoke dog kennels. as a dog owner I have often felt our westie should have is own little house in the garden but me and Archie (my dog!) never really took to what’s available on today’s market, its either a small plastic shed or an actual small shed, great just what the garden needs….another shed.

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